Dear Dish-It, How Long Will We Just Be Friends?

I finally got my courage up to ask this girl out. Her reply was the well known, "Let's be friends first." How long does this "friends" thing last? Back to Article

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57laughingblue wrote:
2013-03-24 13:47:35 -0700

be nici to her like flirt

57laughingblue wrote:
2013-03-24 13:47:34 -0700

be nici to her like flirt

100%Boricuababy!! wrote:
2013-03-24 08:22:26 -0700

If i likee some one i aint scared to tell em'

Mudslinger66 wrote:
2013-03-16 11:11:53 -0700

b urself

jlpsmcforever_1763079 wrote:
2012-08-26 13:42:21 -0700

u should tlk to tht girl and be yourself it always works and dont be a jerk

Izzy Rose Hazzard
Izzy Rose Hazzard wrote:
2011-05-08 22:48:26 -0700

i hav a guy frnd tht i rely like, if i wer 2 go out
wiv him thn it WLD b bettr 2 b just friends

jcosmo10 wrote:
2010-05-10 04:05:00 -0700

it last for at lest 10 years, iv been toled

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Worst Way to Be Dumped?

  • The "Let's be friends" line.
  • Finding out your guy/girl is cheating on you.
  • In front of your whole history class.
  • On Valentine's Day.

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justimagine23 posted in Friends:
this is a forum for girls who are lost and dont have a clue as to knowing if a guy likes them... and how to ask them is harder than anyting in the world
reply 39 minutes
Kirsteeeeen posted in Style:
You're not allowed to give out website names here, sorry.
reply about 2 hours
Charulata posted in Friends:
Eat Vitamin C ! You'r periods will be more SOON! hehe!
reply about 3 hours
Joer posted in Style:
Have you seen this beautiful clothes? :D Perfect for the winter! littlejalo. ###  just bought those boots to my sisters daughter :D Do u have any more suggestions on webpages? 
reply about 4 hours
carolyna_03 posted in Friends:
Dear dish it , I'm 11yrs old and i realy need ur help with this situation, so recently my chest area is very sore and itchy I also have been craving lots of food especially sugar and I have been having realy sore muscle pains in my leg I've also noticed a strange odour coming from (down there ) I'm not realy sure what discharge is but I know it's goey stuff but can it be watery or something i do find my undies a bit wet anyways I use quite a lot of deoderant under my arms but I barely get cramps. I realy need advise on this so am I getting super close  thnx  cazz
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