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Jamanda wrote:
2014-02-03 13:49:26 -0800

I just started to want to become an actress thanks DOCTOR WHO. That show is so inspiring. I'll aim to become a companion on that show! Thanks Matt Smith, Alex Kingston David Tennant and Karen Gillan.

sparkie000 wrote:
2012-04-22 19:56:22 -0700

i can act i love acting soooo much.... one day if i get an acting career i would like to be in a movie with johnny depp and orlando bloom

livvygirl789 wrote:
2011-11-22 01:17:07 -0800

i can act. i almost got a small role in a movie. smile

PurpleGur14 wrote:
2011-08-10 12:44:29 -0700

I can't act but my mom can!

shizuka wrote:
2011-08-10 03:54:47 -0700

i can act well too....

roseberry953 wrote:
2011-08-10 02:08:00 -0700

im the best actor ................

MS.BRIT wrote:
2011-08-10 01:42:09 -0700


morz2u wrote:
2011-08-09 16:22:49 -0700

I act on stage a lot. I'm in mostly every play so I can get noticed. So far I haven't yet, but I'm still trying.

Dershae wrote:
2011-08-09 15:01:47 -0700

i really wanna be an actress but id lik to become a singer too...

ocalais147 wrote:
2011-08-09 14:56:36 -0700

Im really wanna be a actor!! Hopefully I will smile

Katty_88 wrote:
2011-08-09 13:53:16 -0700

Acting's fun. (: But I think I'd rather have a different job when I'm older.

mellabella123 wrote:
2011-08-09 11:31:38 -0700

I want to be an actor my mom says im a drama queen (Yeah right)

CheeseTacoxD wrote:
2011-08-09 11:13:02 -0700

Weally?? Uh-oh! I might not do it. xD

bieberbug17 wrote:
2011-08-09 11:10:03 -0700

not as much as i want to b a singer

BloodHawk wrote:
2011-08-09 11:07:47 -0700

i wanna be a actor so freakin bad

Nikkii_aka_sweet wrote:
2011-08-09 10:56:35 -0700

mii and my cuzionz are on our way to being actors

furevertiger wrote:
2011-08-09 10:50:17 -0700

acting is fun

bellabella35_1860374 wrote:
2011-08-03 06:50:47 -0700

i want to and i go to a performing arts school too!

Kidti wrote:
2011-02-25 08:46:22 -0800

I so want to be an actor! even go to a performing arts school

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Frankie Muniz's First Acting Role?

  • The part of Malcom on Malcom in the Middle.
  • A small part in a Burger King commercial.
  • Tiny Tim in the play, A Christmas Carol.
  • The part of Sabrina's little brother on Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

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