Celebrity Hairstyle Dos and Don'ts

Are you guilty of sporting a really bad hairdo? Don't worry, we're all guilty of it once and a while even our fave celebs! Back to Article

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DaDogLover3000 wrote:
2012-08-03 12:58:02 -0700

"Perky do" uh huh. whatever

nicole273 wrote:
2012-03-24 14:04:43 -0700

Random celebritys lol bye jlo getting married Agana lol

Violet.Hill♥ wrote:
2011-09-17 10:48:30 -0700

Nick Carter. ♥

That is all.

Hunter Bug
Hunter Bug wrote:
2011-06-08 03:54:04 -0700

i lug the punk one that looks awesometastic Big Grin

Vip Alice
Vip Alice wrote:
2011-06-02 13:25:34 -0700

I hate every celebrity on this list.

Maclynn9 wrote:
2011-06-02 13:23:33 -0700

sry But I am perky and I live life perky and when I was born I was perky

Maclynn9 wrote:
2011-06-02 13:20:00 -0700

i love the perky one

xx ImDaBest xx
xx ImDaBest xx wrote:
2011-04-26 17:37:27 -0700

I dont find it very useful..... Frustrated

mizz kiki
mizz kiki wrote:
2011-03-26 03:31:48 -0700


Lubbydubbychica wrote:
2011-03-26 03:24:11 -0700

ummm shall i say lame

Missy Sunshine
Missy Sunshine wrote:
2011-03-26 03:21:15 -0700


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Who's Had the Worst Hair?

  • Christina Aguilera has had some hideous hairdos.
  • P!nk's hair is by far the worst.
  • Neither! They both have great hair.
  • Both have had some pretty horrible hairstyles.

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