Dear Dish-It, My Dad's Moving Out

My parents told me they are separating. My mom gave my dad until the weekend to move out. I really need to talk to someone. Back to Article

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lonnie123 wrote:
2014-08-26 19:23:11 -0700

I love the bc their my patents I don't see my dad in like 3 years and my mom if she do something I don't like I go in my room and don't talk to her I be mean to my sister or if my and my mom get in to it and start yelling she makes me go outside or go to my god mom house and i go to the mall or get my hair done lol so I don't care

Mayumi12 wrote:
2014-08-26 19:01:48 -0700

I hate my parents...

AlphaT wrote:
2014-08-26 13:03:19 -0700

@harry for you, maybe...

But do you really think every single person has it like your situiation?

DisneyanimeLover wrote:
2014-08-26 13:01:40 -0700

My Parents are divorced too. it sucks

kyleasmile321 wrote:
2012-08-05 11:15:37 -0700

Thts crazy

buggalove wrote:
2012-02-27 05:23:50 -0800

wow that is big promblem for everyone

bizarlov wrote:
2011-08-05 19:40:39 -0700

my mom and dad always fight my thinks he might leave if things go way to far

big red 208
big red 208 wrote:
2011-07-15 14:31:46 -0700

well my dad moved out already but he means a lot to me and i miss him alot and friends tell me its not cuz like i said he means alot to me sooooo.......wat should i do

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Are Your Parents Divorced?

  • Yes, my parents are divorced.
  • They aren't divorced, but they don't live together.
  • Nope, my parents are still married.
  • My parents were never married to begin with.

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