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Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelists Soul 'G' :: GBA Game Cheats

Here's the third page of game cheat codes for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul for Gameboy Advance. If you want to unlock a card that starts with 'A', click here. For the 'B' cheat codes, click here. This is the page for all the 'C' codes! These secret codes will let you unlock powerful cards so you can stomp the opposition and they're all courtesy of Kidzworld member B. Skull Dragon.

Card / Code

Gaia Power 56594520
Gaia the Dragon Champion 66889139
Gaia The Fierce Knight 06368038 or 00603060
Gale Dogra 16229315
Gamma The Magnet Warrior 11549357
Ganigumo 34536276
Garma Sword 90844184
Garma Sword Oath 78577570
Garnecia Elefantis 49888191
Garoozis 14977074
Garvas 69780745
Gatekeeper 19737320
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts 05818798
Gemini Elf 69140098
Genin 49370026
Germ Infection 24668830
Ghoul with an Appetite 95265975
Giant Flea 41762634
Giant Germ 95178994
Giant Mech-Soldier 72299832
Giant Rat 97017120
Giant Red Seasnake 58831685
Giant Scorpion of the Tundra 41403766
Giant Soldier of Stone 13039848
Giant Trunade 42703248
Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames 96981563
Gift of The Mystical Elf 98299011
Giganto 33621868
Giga-tech Wolf 08471389
Giltia the D. Knight 51828629
Goblin Fan 04149689
Goblin's Secret Remedy 11868825
Goddess of Whim 67959180
Goddess with the Third Eye 53493204
Gokibore 15367030
Graceful Charity 79571449
Graceful Dice 74137509
Grappler 02906250
Gravedigger Ghoul 82542267
Gravekeeper's Servant 16762927
Graverobber 61705417
Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation 27094595
Great Bill 55691901
Great Mammoth of Goldfine 54622031
Great White 13429800
Green Phantom King 22910685
Greenkappa 61831093
Griffore 53829412
Griggle 95744531
Ground Attacker Bugroth 58314394
Gruesome Goo 65623423
Gryphon Wing 55608151
Guardian of the Labyrinth 89272878
Guardian of the Sea 85448931
Guardian of the Throne Room 47879985
Gust 73079365
Gust Fan 55321970
Gyakutenno Megami 31122090

That's all the 'G' game cheat codes for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul for Gameboy Advance. Don't forget to check back next week for more Yu-Gi-Oh! cheat codes!

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