Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelists Soul GBA Game Cheats: Unlocking New Cards

Gary has Yu-Gi-Oh! video game cheat codes, hints and tips to help you unlock cards for your Nintendo Gameboy Advance and more! Back to Article

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Would You Use A Millennium Eye?

  • Um... no way, it's too creepy.
  • Heck yeah, it would help me win all my duels.
  • I'd wear one just to look cool!
  • Don't you have to get rid of one of your eyes to wear it? That's gross!

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This one: I'm crazy about ballet! Why isn't there more games a bout it?
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jaZmedsdoinhjm Yay got it perfect, haha jk
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Si vaa_sslqWeredkml,
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Sana11 posted in Board Games:
All I want for Christmas is you.   Are you happy?
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Amazingg!! :D What do you want for Christmas?
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