Dear Dish-It, My Dog Is Dying

My dog is sick and dying right before my eyes. I get depressed and very sad every time I see him like this. What can I do? Back to Article

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miz-wolf1 wrote:
2013-11-30 17:29:06 -0800

How can you let something like this just go?! I would cry forever if this happened to either of my dogs

kay_kaythebomb wrote:
2013-11-27 17:30:05 -0800

that so sad what hafe to your dog im so sad

luvliampayne wrote:
2013-11-26 09:50:32 -0800

ive had to watch my Chihuahua Louie die right there so I know what ur going through Frown I am so sorry

JennyD wrote:
2013-11-26 08:51:38 -0800

you just have to let go sometimes

Shaiyur wrote:
2013-11-26 07:47:35 -0800

Hey.I know wat u going through,was also in same situation.........just bare wid it

Shaiyur wrote:
2013-11-26 07:47:15 -0800

Hey.I know wat u going through,was also in same situation.........

sweetcakes723 wrote:
2013-11-26 07:04:30 -0800

hey sorry for what your going though a couple weeks ago my dog was dying but we found a cure and now she's all better :}

megamuf wrote:
2013-11-26 05:06:57 -0800

i know how you feel i gave my dog to my grandparents 1 month ago and yesterday she died 11/25/13 and it was very hard because we got her when i was born the same day actually and eversince ive been with her then we gave her to our grandparents because we got another dog and they didnt get along very well and she was a cranky one cuz she was soooo old 14 years old and they said she stopped breathing so she died of old age nd my cat died of rat poisening

2013-11-25 21:47:07 -0800

hey girl i know what you're going through my dog died when i was 7 years and it was realy hard but always know that God is in control

brunostar wrote:
2013-11-25 17:16:31 -0800


IceThatHockey107 wrote:
2013-11-25 17:07:51 -0800

My dog is turning 13. We have home videos of me being a baby and playing with hersmile just embrace his days.

XxCryXx wrote:
2013-11-25 17:01:36 -0800

This is sad, Im crying...

vinyl wrote:
2013-11-25 17:00:01 -0800

people who dislike things about some one or some thing dying, than they have no heart

TheHollyAngel123 wrote:
2013-06-30 06:02:18 -0700

Don't dislike because dogs are cute

TheHollyAngel123 wrote:
2013-06-30 04:12:06 -0700

Why did 3 people dislike this? That is cruel

_BlurredLines wrote:
2013-06-24 12:18:02 -0700

lol hi guys.

;TheGreatOneIsHere wrote:
2013-06-24 12:01:32 -0700


brunostar wrote:
2013-06-24 12:00:48 -0700

Big Frown

jayia2012 wrote:
2012-07-25 15:59:26 -0700

well spend the most time with him/her my dog is having 2 take 2 pills a day

SamWolfchick wrote:
2012-07-24 20:48:23 -0700

my dog died of parvo. i sat and watched her suffer.

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