Sindy's Blog - June 26, 2003

We left on our vacation yesterday. Simon's here but I think I'm driving him crazy talking about Dylan all the time. Back to Article

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'E' The Great
'E' The Great wrote:
2013-07-05 07:05:37 -0700

It's not that boring. Sindy is really good at writing blogs.

'E' The Great
'E' The Great wrote:
2013-07-05 07:05:03 -0700

Check this out.

'E' The Great
'E' The Great wrote:
2013-07-05 07:04:48 -0700

So i gave one! I liked it!

'E' The Great
'E' The Great wrote:
2013-07-05 07:04:29 -0700

I can't believe there are no comments!

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Coolest Vacation Spot in California?

  • California Adventure Park.
  • Disneyland!
  • Seaworld.
  • Legoland.

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