Quiz the Coach - Kids Heckle Me When I Cheer!

I'm in an exclusive cheer club that just won second in the Nationals, and all the kids at school think we're just show offs. Back to Article

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Are Cheerleaders Airheads?

  • Yeah - they're all blonde and brainless.
  • No way, that's just an ignorant stereotype.
  • Who cares? Cheerleading sucks.

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diana234 posted in Basketball:
do you have a fav basketball team? lets hear it
reply about 2 hours
i love soccer even though im a girl. but for some reason i like playing it but i don't like watching soccer games on TV.
reply about 12 hours
tylr234 posted in Baseball:
Atlanta Braves
reply about 15 hours
amberdawg10 posted in Hockey:
go bruins
reply about 16 hours
crazy-chick16 posted in Baseball:
Okay who likes the Pirates?? I love them and i went to the Sunday and saw the fight between them and the Brewers.
reply about 16 hours