Dear Dish-It, How Do I Start a Relationship?

There's a guy I have a crush on but I can't figure him out. I hope you can give me some of your awesome advice! Back to Article

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mickeymouse223 wrote:
2013-12-04 09:06:06 -0800

Hey, I have a boyfriend and I need some advice on how to tell if he really likes/loves me......Could ya help? smile

disney princess
disney princess wrote:
2013-12-04 07:43:08 -0800

i really think bfs are a waste of time

mickeymouse223 wrote:
2013-12-04 07:40:41 -0800

Really, lol I am ######## I LOVE BOYS AND GIRLS xDDDDDDD Boyfriends are amazing

disney princess
disney princess wrote:
2013-12-04 07:36:36 -0800

i think that boyfriends are awful (its just my opinion)

girlboo500 wrote:
2013-09-27 18:39:31 -0700

I like a family friend

PrideInWastedYouth_2297646 wrote:
2013-04-08 15:45:54 -0700

I'm terrible when it comes to dating. All my girlfriends seem to hate me for some odd reason. And I'm a nice person. Guess I'm not meant for love.

That Panda1 _2242387
That Panda1 _2242387 wrote:
2012-11-26 17:55:52 -0800

It's to hard any thing you say could turn his whole idea of you into something bad I just flirted with a girl and now well I don't think we will ever talk again xC

PinkBarbie2002 wrote:
2012-06-03 16:31:16 -0700

He likes you

987pink123 wrote:
2012-05-22 17:17:21 -0700


basketballlover714 wrote:
2012-01-21 08:54:11 -0800

I agree with sandfur121

sandfur121 wrote:
2012-01-21 08:29:22 -0800

Boys suck!!!!!!!

puffball984 wrote:
2011-10-02 13:40:32 -0700

i dont hav good luck with relationships.........

33music3333 wrote:
2011-08-12 16:41:38 -0700

the boy i have a crush on is my friend and he would talk to me in third period and would tease me

miss aka
miss aka wrote:
2011-07-23 21:16:47 -0700


SaQuanJames wrote:
2011-07-23 21:15:49 -0700


allysha01 wrote:
2011-01-22 03:00:28 -0800

The boy I have a crush on is my bestfriend.I know he likes me,but I don't know how to start a relationship.Can u plz help?

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Would You Date a Family Friend?

  • Totally! What a great way to meet someone.
  • Only if they were really cute.
  • I don't think so.
  • No way! It'd be like dating my brother/sister.

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samkitty214 posted in Style:
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reply about 2 hours
first you should talk to him about it, confront him. then tell your mom and practically beg for her to have mercy. then explain to ur littler siblings. and GOOD LUCK
reply about 2 hours
It happened a few days ago, and my dad was cheating on my mom with a bunch of women online....  I haven't stopped crying since then and I dont even know what I am supposed to do!!!! This isn't the first time he has cheated on my mom, but she said that this was his final chance, and that he either has to commit to his family, or not be part of it for the rest of his life..... I need serious help because I know more about the whole situation than my little brother and sister do..... I don't want them to get hurt....... So anything would help......
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Wooper1255 posted in Style:
Hmm... like all the comments above, I suggest you do whatever you wish with your hair. This is life. Live it up. Also, if you REEAALLYY want to dye your hair, here are some tips/suggestions: ♪ Okay, okay, who the MARSHMELLOW cares what your hair looks like? People are always going for the looks these days. :e ♪ Try highlighting a few strands of your hair. ;D If you're satisfied, do a couple of more strands! ♪ Like everyone else, use hair chalk. It's the safest and I've learned that if you dye your hair, it's going to make a major mess and it will be a MAAAAJOR pain. Hair Chalk for da best! ♪ Still feeling unconfident? Highlight your hair whatever color you want by highlighting a few strands like I typed before. Then, go to people and ask them if they like your new highlights. ♪ Maybe you should ask people if you'd look good with your hair whatever color you wanted. Anyhow, I might add more suggestions if I can think of any. Anyways, hope I helped! ^^
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AlphaT posted in Style:
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