Don't Blame It On the Music

Music, what's this? For some, it's an important and beautiful escape from the everyday - although for most it is simply a trend. It seems that pop and hip-hop have made an uproar these days. Back to Article

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pizza_lover123 wrote:
2012-06-20 07:57:17 -0700

so true besides i dont pay attencheon to half the lyrics in songs anyway

Minnimouse314 wrote:
2012-06-20 06:31:49 -0700

this is so true! why blame the art of music for the parents screw-ups!

Hersheyloveable wrote:
2012-06-19 15:40:22 -0700

I my god that is exactally how i feel
'great job

ChrisLoverForever789 wrote:
2012-06-19 10:24:26 -0700


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What is the name of their debut album?
  • Youth and Young Manhood
  • Kings of Leon
  • Aha Shake Heartbreak
  • Because of the Times

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Yeah I just about sing it everyday also.
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the top three songs of the year is chandelier by sia black widow by Iggy and confident by Justin Bieber.
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