Don't Blame It On the Music

Music, what's this? For some, it's an important and beautiful escape from the everyday - although for most it is simply a trend. It seems that pop and hip-hop have made an uproar these days. Back to Article

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pizza_lover123 wrote:
2012-06-20 07:57:17 -0700

so true besides i dont pay attencheon to half the lyrics in songs anyway

Minnimouse314 wrote:
2012-06-20 06:31:49 -0700

this is so true! why blame the art of music for the parents screw-ups!

Hersheyloveable wrote:
2012-06-19 15:40:22 -0700

I my god that is exactally how i feel
'great job

ChrisLoverForever789 wrote:
2012-06-19 10:24:26 -0700


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What is the name of their debut album?
  • Youth and Young Manhood
  • Kings of Leon
  • Aha Shake Heartbreak
  • Because of the Times

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smarty321 posted in Celebs:
no doubts the old miley cyrus was better but I still do like the new one.... compare Adore You with Right Here.... Adore You is definetly a better one... The new Miley Cyrus is better in terms of voice but the old Miley Cyrus was better in terms of clothing and habits and also her influence over fans.....
reply 6 minutes
100% Old Miley,I know she is growing and she dosen't want to be known as a disney star but I think she went the wrong way.
reply 8 minutes
99% Old Miley.
reply 21 minutes
evertongirl posted in Celebs:
I prefer the new Miley because before her look was plain and boring! But now its wild and ######... And i like that.... It shows that she dont care what people think of her she is unique and good looking girl so i say good on ya Miley and keep oon going ######! Showing you body off is bo crime and when u have a figure like that... I would... But wait my fav item of clothing is a belly top so ya know.... Haha GO SLUTTINESS
reply about 1 hour
EllaRainbow posted in Celebs:
I don't like any Miley tbh.
reply about 2 hours