The Simpsons Road Rage: GBA Game Review

The Simpsons hit the streets in the video game, The Simpsons Road Rage for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Gary reviews it here! Back to Article

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Best Springfield Driver? Vote!

  • Chief Wiggums has to be the best.
  • It's all about Bart, if he could reach the pedals.
  • Homer's got it goin' on.
  • Moleman! He's half blind but he's da bomb behind the wheel!

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Boysrock50 posted in Forum Games:
I fell over the chair I was sitting on before :P So I saw the floor first
reply about 2 hours
C) Neither A) Unicorn B) Pegasus
reply about 2 hours
The counter I slammed into. -.-
reply about 2 hours
74 ^_^
reply about 4 hours
48. Took a loooooooot of practise.
reply about 4 hours