Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire GBA Game Cheats: Sky Tower Walkthrough

Gary's got game cheats, hints and tips for the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire video game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance right here! Back to Article

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gamergirl_ wrote:
2011-09-20 13:56:53 -0700

I can make it to & through the shy tower, but I can't get to the top. For some reason, it leads to a dewad end. The last door is locked. Please help me Gary. Frown

Kanz wrote:
2010-06-18 04:33:17 -0700

hey can you tell me how to get through the sky tower? I keep falling in the grounds.

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Ice Pokemon Weakness? Vote!

  • They're weak against Psychic Pokemon!
  • Fire Pokemon stomp Ice Pokemon flat.
  • Ice Pokemon are weak against Water Pokemon.
  • They're weak against turning the game off and playing baseball instead.

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