Sindy's Blog - August 14, 2003

Where do I even begin explaining what I am going through? I don't think I've ever felt this bad before in my entire life. Back to Article

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Have You Ever Been Dumped?

  • Yeah, I've been dumped a ton of times.
  • I've been dumped once.
  • No Way! I'm always the one to dump my BF/GF.
  • I've never had a girlfriend/boyfriend to be dumped by.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

jackbear posted in Style:
haha i'm homeschooled so i can wear my pjs at school! :p X :punk
reply 37 minutes
I have a light-brown dark-brown mixture of my hair with blond highlights that I sometimes dye blue. yup  [s:p/zsw]
reply about 1 hour
-aloneforever- posted in Style:
Twister! :P
reply about 4 hours
jordand08 posted in Style:
Right now its in a bun, but I'll probably let it down soon.
reply about 4 hours
In a bun 
reply about 4 hours