Dear Dish-It, I'm in Love With a Goth

I like a gothic guy but I'm a prep. I know it's really rude not to want any one to know but I worked hard on my rep. Back to Article

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hinamoriamu wrote:
2014-12-13 04:26:52 -0800

awesome and into anime and I kind of just like Japanese people in general mostly because I find the Japanese girls really pretty and I just find them cool but I also like goths because their awesome and I feel bad for them because they have had such a hard life and everybody always makes fun of them

hinamoriamu wrote:
2014-12-13 04:23:39 -0800

little understanding of what their going through plus since I'm shy not a lot of people talk to me at school so I don't have a lot of friends and I will tell you this right now I don't personally know any goth people but omg I've looked at my pictures before of goth girls and they are liked the most prettiest girls I've ever seen I love their hair too and I like a lot of stuff with skulls desighns on it and I think the clothes that they were is really cool So I like Japanese people because their

hinamoriamu wrote:
2014-12-13 04:17:23 -0800

ikr ILY Tanya ILY I've always thought that about goth guys but sadly there isn't any goth boys or girls at my school because if there was I would totally be friends with them the second I seem them lol And ever since an incident happend to me at my old school in 4th grade that I don't even want to talk about I've been shy ever since and It's also did to my dad too because he's a jerk and I'm always afaird to talk when he's around or even just to be around him when he's here so I have at least a

oxytocin wrote:
2014-12-12 18:04:45 -0800

That's my favourite comment. Thank you for existing.

We label people like soup cans, and then separate them into groups. For some odd reason.

darkvisions wrote:
2014-12-12 17:52:13 -0800


XxEmergoxX wrote:
2014-12-12 17:50:07 -0800

why does i say im in love with a goth why cant i just say im in love with a guy

darkvisions wrote:
2014-12-12 17:30:29 -0800


princessmic13 wrote:
2014-12-12 17:28:55 -0800

If you really liked him your rep doesnt matter it is what makes hard to accept others...we are all just sprinkles on the same cupcake..xD ^^

darkvisions wrote:
2014-12-12 17:07:00 -0800


iNutellaTwilight wrote:
2014-12-12 17:04:07 -0800

lol today's ur gothic stereotype rant day?
but good advice ;3

darkvisions wrote:
2014-12-12 17:01:13 -0800

SO why are you ashamed with it just because you like a guy thats different than you? i mean seriously we're just like any other people we are human beings!!! we are not aliens! you are not in love with an alien or a dog or an animal or whatever so why the hell freak out about it?

Disney_ wrote:
2014-08-27 05:17:24 -0700

That Title Made Me Laugh Lmao X'D

beautyandthebeast123 wrote:
2013-09-20 19:36:59 -0700

I think goths are cool because there not afraid to do what they want.

JennyD wrote:
2013-09-20 16:07:24 -0700

what's wrong with goth?

skatebourder45 wrote:
2013-09-19 15:58:27 -0700

tottaly true Grin

Drawingcats wrote:
2013-09-19 12:36:01 -0700

lol amber is like that

Skater_Skelena wrote:
2013-09-19 01:04:36 -0700

I'm emo and love em

Youre_Perfection wrote:
2013-09-18 21:54:53 -0700

Omg I love emos =)

-CheyenneA- wrote:
2013-09-18 20:53:23 -0700

I love scene and gothic people.

TacoDuck361 wrote:
2013-09-18 19:51:44 -0700

but morgan u luv me & im not emo xD

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  • I'm not into it but some of friends are.
  • No way! Goth style is no good.
  • I still don't really get the goth thing.

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