Making Invisible Ink Appear

Invisible ink isn't something you just see in James Bond movies or in the X-Files. In fact even prisoners used to sneak messages out with invisible ink. Read on to find out how it works. Back to Article

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ivorie wrote:
2014-07-12 12:22:17 -0700

science awsome

arden_arden wrote:
2014-02-05 05:33:53 -0800

I love writing in invisble ink

scarletletter wrote:
2013-11-24 03:07:07 -0800

can we make that as refill in ur fountain pens?

mehdi_sun wrote:
2013-10-16 11:55:15 -0700

kawaiiskull smile

mehdi_sun wrote:
2013-10-16 11:54:19 -0700

awsome guys nice task..

Golden goddess
Golden goddess wrote:
2013-10-16 11:51:40 -0700

i've done it the milky way but ima do it the baking soda way and but it in a container and keep it every where

JennyD wrote:
2013-09-30 16:03:52 -0700

ive heard abou it in a book

Kawaiiskull wrote:
2013-09-19 17:20:11 -0700

I did this for the science fair

misscaeser wrote:
2013-03-29 03:30:44 -0700

Where can u get invisible ink pens from like Harriet The Spy????

The Force
The Force wrote:
2012-05-27 19:02:02 -0700

gonna use 2 pass notz in class

jd0331 wrote:
2012-02-02 18:33:17 -0800

I did it and it didnt long do I have to keep it on the lightbulb? What happened? What is the best way to make it appear?

2000cloclo wrote:
2012-01-30 12:10:15 -0800

i love to make invisible ink!!! Love

Queen-310 wrote:
2011-09-25 19:52:12 -0700

It works!!! smile

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  • The SPY Kids.
  • James Bond.
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