Celebrity Recap - September 2003

Hollywood lost two stars named John, Heath Ledger is single and the Bennifer drama continues. Kidzworld's got September gossip! Back to Article

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Are You Sick of Bennifer Gossip?

  • Yes! Who cares if they're dating or not?
  • No! I love J.Lo and Ben and want to know everything!
  • I used to dig hearing about them, but now I'm sick of it.

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Entertainment in the forums

marisa328 posted in TV Shows:
Yjaden from yugioh gx, takuya from digimon, and goten from dragonball Z
reply 2 minutes
CandyDreamer posted in Celebs:
uh i am not really a fan
reply about 4 hours
LollipopR posted in Celebs:
Selena Gomez is talented but I'm not much of a fan
reply about 5 hours
Ariana Grande And Lucy HaleĀ :)
reply about 6 hours
yo mama so fat that dora could barely even explore her.
reply about 7 hours