Animals In Captivity

Magician Roy Horn, of Siegfried and Roy, was mauled by his tiger on stage. Should wild animals perform in the first place? Take a look at both sides of this animals rights issue and then you tell us! Back to Article

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jfoxpoint wrote:
2012-06-17 17:05:50 -0700

they deserve 2 be attaked.

kyles822 wrote:
2011-07-22 12:34:03 -0700

soooooo cute r thoz tigerz Wink

corinaZ66 wrote:
2011-07-20 10:52:55 -0700

ppl can be so rude wow just imagine if the world didnt have animals

xXtreysongzxX wrote:
2011-07-20 10:45:04 -0700

y would u have a wild animal anywayz u no they can attack thats y there name iz WILD animals best thing for u to do if u have a wild animal iz to try not to startled them

mrs mindless
mrs mindless wrote:
2011-07-20 09:17:29 -0700

Aww look at the babe tiger's

aj2001 wrote:
2011-07-20 09:07:05 -0700

that's so mean. they just don't think about the animals and how they wouldn't want to be restricted from their own habitat and just being free.

MZ.KERI 21 wrote:
2011-07-20 08:48:36 -0700

trueee..............they probaly attack cuz theyre bein kept in a small placee........jus lik on icarly with sams mom

LoliipopXD!!! wrote:
2011-07-20 08:31:53 -0700

How could they keep animals that's just soo mean I knw I wouldn't wanna be kept in a cage

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Should Wild Animals Perform?

  • Yes. I love watching wild animals do tricks!
  • No. It's mean and dangerous to force wild animals to perform.
  • I don't know.

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