Shakespearean Glossary

Let's face it Shakespeare is hard to read. Check out this cheat sheet that will interpret those baffling words into modern lingo! - Page 1 Back to Article

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JennyD wrote:
2013-10-10 16:34:05 -0700

reading about it shouldn't be boring

lms85 wrote:
2012-06-18 04:19:03 -0700

Shakespeare did not write in Old English; that was Beowulf, which was written a thousand years before Shakespeare lived. Then came the Middle English period, and THEN Early Modern, which is what Shakespeare wrote in. Early Modern English sounds way less intimidating than Old English to kids learning Shakespeare. Stop spreading false knowledge to these kids and get your own content knowledge straight.

Put*The*Sweet*In*SweetTart wrote:
2011-11-13 06:42:06 -0800

oh i put that on there last niteee

meg1x wrote:
2011-10-13 09:53:35 -0700

whatdoes doth mean??

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Julia Stiles' Shakespearean Flicks?

  • Julia Stiles has been in the movie version of Othello, Hamlet and The Taming of the Shrew.
  • Julia Stiles was in MacBeth and Romeo and Juliet.
  • She was in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Julia Stiles has never been in a Shakespearean movie.

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