Love Don't Cost a Thing Movie Review

Love might not cost a thing, but in this Nick Cannon, Christina Milian flick, high school popularity costs $1,500 - and a whole lot of Sean John clothing. Back to Article

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LuvD3mH@t3r$ wrote:
2012-08-04 14:30:13 -0700

i lovee this iss myyy movieee

Mz.Anais wrote:
2012-04-11 11:42:04 -0700

i luv the movie its funny

report wrote:
2011-05-18 09:53:29 -0700

I heard bout thiz! Butt never seen ittWink Grin]] XDD

.Dime.Babee. wrote:
2010-07-08 11:29:06 -0700

This Movie Was Krazii

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Do Clothes Make You Cool?

  • Totally. You are what you wear!
  • No way. Coolness is a state of mind!
  • Maybe. Popular kids do own a lot of expensive clothes.
  • You're a nobody unless you own Sean John.

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