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If you'd rather date your mom than be caught wearing anything floral, you should check out the ins and outs of gothic style. Back to Article

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catears wrote:
2013-09-29 19:26:02 -0700

hey guy you could actually be emo and goth at the time try it so cool so fun

JennyD wrote:
2013-09-29 19:15:55 -0700

I saw some black boots that I wanted

21inkiepielover wrote:
2013-03-10 11:55:41 -0700

O.O I luv Gothic/Punk stuff.I got a couple stuff from allentown,different shop.

GreyGotherGirl wrote:
2013-01-03 14:03:32 -0800

i am SOO gothic! Devil

hanzie2000 wrote:
2012-06-28 08:38:37 -0700

goths rule

LadyLatrice wrote:
2012-05-14 16:23:07 -0700

Goth is more than just black, black, some read, black, and black. It's a lifestyle, not just Marilyn Manson. What about romantigoths or medivals?

shizuka wrote:
2011-11-13 22:49:26 -0800

gothy is so cool...

can you luv a punk boy?
can you luv a punk boy? wrote:
2011-09-25 16:06:24 -0700

okay so i may not be gothic (emo/punk) but Still this is not the goth clothing except for the makeup this is halloween stuff

XxXxHome_grlXxXx wrote:
2011-09-25 16:02:12 -0700

Wtf?!?! Reality check, No one wears ths stuff unless its halloween and som1 is tryin to scare the crap out of a noob foreals.

Hot-PinkChick21 wrote:
2011-09-25 15:50:53 -0700


Please.Dont.Bite.Me _1826658
Please.Dont.Bite.Me _1826658 wrote:
2011-09-25 15:49:39 -0700

Lol There Shoes Make Me Laugh.[x
There Huge.!
But I Think Gothic Is Just Like Emo

alexandra1625_1744808 wrote:
2011-06-11 08:09:01 -0700

i don't like these styles because they are just ugg

GothicPrincess wrote:
2011-05-03 09:59:44 -0700

gosh, i hate stereotypes.

Wiz wish
Wiz wish wrote:
2011-05-02 09:14:12 -0700

emo is ok i think who ever likes goth should see a preacher

Half Life
Half Life wrote:
2011-05-01 12:59:59 -0700

I wish I could go goth .... they just look cool

nathdz01 wrote:
2011-05-01 04:21:58 -0700

emo and goth iz zo awsme

-lilay- wrote:
2011-05-01 01:52:28 -0700

Im Emo And Goth I Luv It!! Mah stylee

xoxlil' lexi xox_1417790
xoxlil' lexi xox_1417790 wrote:
2011-05-01 01:44:52 -0700

Thumbs Down

xoxlil' lexi xox_1417790
xoxlil' lexi xox_1417790 wrote:
2011-05-01 01:44:21 -0700

Oh Wooooooooow

PollyPocket123 wrote:
2011-04-30 10:52:04 -0700

i am alittle bit of both i luv their clothes &Wink

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Gothic Style - Hot or Not?

  • Yeah, goth style is super cool.
  • I'm not into it but some of friends are.
  • No way! Goth style is no good.
  • I still don't really get the goth thing.

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