Dear Dish-It, Am I in Love?

I know this guy at school and he is kinda cute, but he has the best personality. I know that even though he is black and I am white, we get along very well. Back to Article

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ladiibhadd wrote:
2012-11-10 22:18:26 -0800

everybody i know is in luv ..but mee

*Me-So-Pretty*_2270768 wrote:
2012-11-10 22:11:56 -0800

I'm so IN love(: 10.09.12:'D

U. c:

dom_2_pretti wrote:
2012-11-10 21:38:53 -0800

9.12.12 Love ya Amir

soccerchick23 wrote:
2012-11-10 21:36:00 -0800

I'm soo in love smile 10.23.12. Love you Malcolm!!!

LuvMe DontHate
LuvMe DontHate wrote:
2012-11-10 17:44:37 -0800

lol u crazy inbox me

Dessie bear
Dessie bear wrote:
2012-11-10 17:40:46 -0800

Preach it! lol

LuvMe DontHate
LuvMe DontHate wrote:
2012-11-10 17:40:02 -0800

yess girl i know wat u talkin bout u try to give them everything but the treat u like shid

Dessie bear
Dessie bear wrote:
2012-11-10 17:38:16 -0800

Yupp, Love is easy 2 find but hard 2 keep

LuvMe DontHate
LuvMe DontHate wrote:
2012-11-10 17:34:43 -0800

Dessie bear: treww

Dessie bear
Dessie bear wrote:
2012-11-10 17:32:50 -0800

LuvMeDontHate: ikr, same with me..

LuvMe DontHate
LuvMe DontHate wrote:
2012-11-10 17:30:21 -0800

ha i think but me nd her got in a fight so i don't know

taytay35baby wrote:
2012-11-10 17:30:21 -0800

Ik I am I so in love its like Im blinded by LOVE

R I S S A ;**♥
R I S S A ;**♥ wrote:
2012-11-10 17:28:00 -0800

Naa , iThink I ' m Donee With Loveee.

obeyy manii
obeyy manii wrote:
2012-11-10 17:26:58 -0800

Am i in luuve??,,,yeahh i am

Purple_Bumble-bee wrote:
2012-11-10 17:08:28 -0800

I think I am

joshuasca wrote:
2012-11-10 17:07:21 -0800

i do

iSwaggatasticDanae♥ wrote:
2012-11-10 16:47:25 -0800

Actually ... I Think I Am ♥

-ParisCityOfLights. wrote:
2012-11-10 16:17:08 -0800

Only YOU would know if you werei n love. It's not about looks, it's all about your heart.

sweetjaja21 wrote:
2012-11-10 16:03:15 -0800

i don't believe in love anymore either... welcome to the dark side

Blind Faith
Blind Faith wrote:
2012-11-10 15:53:30 -0800

*Facepalm* I dun believe in love.

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What's Your Idea of Romance?

  • Flowers are my fave.
  • You can't eat flowers. It's chocolate all the way.
  • Nuttin' works like poetry or a song written just for me.
  • A quiet, romantic evening with my sweetie.

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