Dear Dish-It, Am I in Love?

I know this guy at school and he is kinda cute, but he has the best personality. I know that even though he is black and I am white, we get along very well. Back to Article

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Jasyanna(Royalty) wrote:
2012-09-03 14:06:56 -0700

I kno I'm in love!

hydia 5456
hydia 5456 wrote:
2012-09-03 13:32:08 -0700

i dont really love anyone...... well i love my familysmile smile smile smile

KalahPooh9 wrote:
2012-09-03 13:25:50 -0700

i love mjswaggin

happygirlbunny wrote:
2012-07-27 08:04:30 -0700

it doesnt mater if his family or ur family is races. if u to r in love than nothing can break u apart. he might be black but he loves u. and u love hem.

mmmboy219 wrote:
2012-05-29 09:41:13 -0700

your desidion

Danny55 wrote:
2012-05-28 15:44:28 -0700

its wat comes from the heart that counts

wonderchick wrote:
2012-04-02 23:54:42 -0700

it does not matter who you date it means you love the person you are dateing

CantBeGood wrote:
2012-04-02 19:56:36 -0700


PjandJas_2031952 wrote:
2012-04-02 19:41:34 -0700


narahpooh1000 wrote:
2012-04-01 15:27:59 -0700

This is so races I mean like just because you date someone that is not your color but you like that person then they will just have to deal with the fact that you are dating someone that you love. I am not one bit races but I am talking to all the white people that think they are all that with there nice boyfriends. FORGET YOU RIGHT NOW!
Tongue Out

alstar1 wrote:
2012-03-25 18:44:48 -0700

this is so races

Renny wrote:
2012-03-15 19:28:04 -0700

talk to your parents about the subject... plz dont start datin this guy and hide it from your parents i had a fren that did it and her parents didnt talk to her the rest of the day... and you may think its a cool thing they dont talk to you but u dont notice until it happens

smileey:) wrote:
2012-03-12 12:15:14 -0700

Ive liked this boy since 5th grade after winter break. I'm in 6th now. I think of him EVERY SINGLE day! smile

Ribkah wrote:
2012-02-24 19:11:02 -0800

Almost everyone has a crush at school..

Princessdaze wrote:
2012-02-15 20:48:58 -0800

I have a crush at school

lil nanny
lil nanny wrote:
2012-02-15 18:36:38 -0800


karamel101 wrote:
2012-02-13 17:58:23 -0800

I like it.........I hav a crush and dat jus taught me a lesson

totalchic wrote:
2012-02-13 17:12:58 -0800

aww, idk?

Coolio No.1
Coolio No.1 wrote:
2012-02-13 12:44:28 -0800

I have a boyfriend at skool and u no who u are his name is Ronan in real life

Coolio No.1
Coolio No.1 wrote:
2012-02-13 12:40:37 -0800

i thought that that message didn't send so thats y i sent it 3 times oops

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