Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen DVD Review

Lindsay Lohan made waves in Freaky Friday and now you can take her home with the Confessions DVD. Back to Article

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bizarlov wrote:
2011-08-05 04:17:02 -0700

i liked that movie

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Is it Important to Be Popular?

  • No, I don't care if nobody likes me.
  • Yes, it is extremely important to be popular.
  • Sometimes it matters to me.
  • As long as I'm happy with who I am, that's all that counts.

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Charulata posted in TV Shows:
Disney Land I think!!  And you???
reply 17 minutes
Charulata posted in TV Shows:
New Disney because I never heard about Old disney!
reply 18 minutes
Maha023 posted in Movies:
yeah ur pretty right
reply about 3 hours
Its_skylar1 posted in Movies:
totally not on the books track most the time , and of course the navy seals scene cx
reply about 11 hours
HeadPhones- posted in Movies:
1. It had way too many dull moment 2. Jennifer's hysterical/prophetic "I am the MockingJay, bow down to me Capitol" moments were not convincing 3. Effie's lines were annoying 4. The fact that Prim went after the cat (yes I am aware this is in the book I have read it) when she could have gotten her bum blown to bits. .....list your reasons
reply about 12 hours