Dear Dish-It, I Want to Be a Vegetarian

I have wanted to be a vegetarian for the past three years but I still have not been able to ask my mom. Back to Article

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*SharkySoTatted*_2241198 wrote:
2012-11-14 11:03:10 -0800

yall fat azzzz!!!!!! hahahaha

taytay35baby wrote:
2012-11-14 10:57:19 -0800

I not a vegetarian but I love that chicken

Thug_Life x3
Thug_Life x3 wrote:
2012-11-14 08:50:00 -0800

I love fried chicken , sorry ha

-LovelyKea-_2186091 wrote:
2012-11-14 07:48:15 -0800

Meat.. ._.

Ashlaa wrote:
2012-11-14 03:36:12 -0800

I'm a vegetarian and I luhhhhh it Big Grin

cutie chan
cutie chan wrote:
2012-11-13 21:37:07 -0800

my daddy is vegetarian x)
i want to be vegetarian too but i don't know if i can xx

Thizzman13 wrote:
2012-11-13 21:26:08 -0800

I Can Be A Veg Head Haha No I Lied Lol I Like To Eat Burgers And Stuff Like That Lol

-JJHStar; wrote:
2012-11-13 19:54:00 -0800


-JJHStar; wrote:
2012-11-13 19:53:48 -0800

Dude I Cant Live In A World With No Meat.I Need Steak & Badon Bruh

'Broken;Down' wrote:
2012-11-13 19:52:29 -0800

I can't be without my fried chicken

;AlwaysBeMyBaby- wrote:
2012-11-13 19:51:37 -0800

I love fried chicken , sorry ha

R I S S A ;**♥
R I S S A ;**♥ wrote:
2012-11-13 19:49:22 -0800

Ughhh i Cannot Livee Withouut Meaat , i Cannot Bee A Veggie-Terian

pooka7 wrote:
2012-10-28 16:52:08 -0700

i might start becomeing an veggie

hsm14 wrote:
2012-01-01 15:54:14 -0800

i was a vegetarian since i was 8 until i was 12 i stop because i gained a whole bunch of weight and i kept getting sick

OliviaR14 wrote:
2011-08-18 19:02:20 -0700

im vegetarian

Young Flame
Young Flame wrote:
2011-08-04 22:32:50 -0700

I'm a vegetarian

pieisnice123 wrote:
2011-05-11 20:50:05 -0700

Once when I TRIED to become a vegetarian, but I coudln't. I was too hungry after I didn't eat meat.

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Are You a Teen Vegetarian?

  • Yeah, I've been a vegetarian my whole life.
  • I just recently became a vegetarian.
  • I've been thinking about becoming a vegetarian.
  • No. I like meat too much to be a vegetarian.

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scarlet177 posted in Friends:
My BFF is awesome!!!!!!! I know that cuz, she is the only person whon can understand my feelings when my enemies or some other friends tease me badly or when those ppl be rude to me....... :(  . I can share all my secrets to her........ she is Awesome cuz, she is being herself . Her name is ****** ....... and she is my WORLD'S BEST FRIEND!!!!! :D
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reply about 9 hours
Alexis7343 posted in Friends:
I think its really great you posted this, cause a lot of people need it. Adults don't notice children problems. When I was in 2ed grade i was bullied by teens that were like 16. Not only that, teachers can bully kids too. My mom always puts people who try to kill them selves down in awful ways. Every time she says that stuff I am very offended by it cause she knows I have emotional problems but she still like to dig into it. Someone who feels they need to kill themselves needs someone to trust and talk to. I'm so happy you posted this. Cause it is so true!
reply about 10 hours
GaaraOfTheSand posted in Friends:
I GONNA go draw
reply about 10 hours