Dear Dish-It, I'm Nervous About My First Kiss

I've had a lot of boyfriends, but I've never kissed one before. I'm scared that I'll get nervous when it finally happens. Back to Article

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macyismydog wrote:
2011-05-16 05:07:26 -0700

I had my first kiss at 5 years old! I'm 11 now but I don't remember much, gonna wait until my REAL FIRST KISS with someone I really like.

TT_Twin_Girl wrote:
2011-05-04 06:56:14 -0700

never had my first kiss, still waitin

XxAkA DaRk ShAdOwXx
XxAkA DaRk ShAdOwXx wrote:
2011-04-21 12:31:17 -0700

had my first kiss

iloveme24 wrote:
2011-04-21 01:14:35 -0700

Honestly i never had a first kiss and i want to have it dont be nervous

lilcookii12 wrote:
2011-04-16 02:52:17 -0700

i was worried to on my first kiss but the truth is u shudnt be worried....if u love the person he'll make shure u dont worrie bout it....if u just go allong at the right time u will be fine ever sinse its been normal to me so dont be worried Hippie

ShannonBabe13 wrote:
2011-04-15 02:46:09 -0700

I agree on what dish-it saidsmile I've had my first kiss December 17th 2009. I'm such a weirdo. I still remember ahaa!

waterkitty103 wrote:
2011-04-02 07:30:27 -0700

thats good advice

11antonae30 wrote:
2011-02-26 13:54:41 -0800

aint nun scaryy bout no kiss....depending oon how much yuh like dat personn.....meh nd mii dudee do it all dah timessx...but mii first kiss was scary because ii was confusedd, younqq, &nd didnt hav no business doenn it

Cheese puffs
Cheese puffs wrote:
2011-02-20 03:24:06 -0800

I haven't had my kiss form my bf yet. Don't be scared. I'm not.

YourLittleSecret wrote:
2011-02-18 20:32:05 -0800

I nearly had my first kiss...

Essence12 wrote:
2011-02-04 09:36:53 -0800


dark april
dark april wrote:
2011-01-29 05:40:14 -0800

wen i had my 1st kiss i loved it i wasent scared it waz acually funn

lil miss boss
lil miss boss wrote:
2011-01-23 06:33:35 -0800

i was nervouse about my firdt kis but not no more im not scared no more cuz when it happened i got used to it '.'

sofaki lovaki
sofaki lovaki wrote:
2010-12-12 02:09:21 -0800

I don't like kisses
But it isn't a big problem you must kiss your boy friend!!!
I had a boy friend but i never kissed him !!!
So dont worry

Liyahbhoo wrote:
2010-12-03 09:31:54 -0800

- ; first yuee qotta fiindd thaa riitee onee !
aand wenn ii hadd miee first kiss...... ii wasnt nervouss aadt all ! ii actuallyy likee idd fhaa somee reasoonn

dhizzle_1650241 wrote:
2010-12-02 09:28:50 -0800

well i was close but i quess i qot a little nerbous and try to avoid that personn !! but now that i thank bout it i reqret it !!

mac wrote:
2010-11-26 05:59:57 -0800

isint it hard!

CrazyNerdz wrote:
2010-11-18 08:59:40 -0800

My First Kiss Was Gross.

collin99 wrote:
2010-11-17 09:48:33 -0800

its ight just lean toward anf kiss when i had my first kiss we just leaned torward and kissed and we were cool

awesomejamya wrote:
2010-11-14 00:07:39 -0800

its ok just go with the flow

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