Simon's Blog - June 8, 2004

Kara just told me today that she won't be around for the summer. She's going to Florida to work on her uncle's alligator farm! Back to Article

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Rachel.Loves.Bieber._2047354 wrote:
2012-03-13 10:11:10 -0700

You Should Wait for Kara.
I Mean...What If You Were Her?
How Would You Feel??? =)))

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Should Simon Wait For Kara Or Find Someone Else?

  • Wait for Kara - it's only two months.
  • Meet new girls and let Kara go hang with the gators.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Charulata posted in Friends:
"katieee123_" wrote:I'm not going to judge her, it was most likely her parents fault. Poor girl. I'm sorry , But I don't think it's her parents fault. Her parents didn't tell her do anything with anyone , She did. Her parents isn't involved in this case!!
reply about 2 hours
katieee123_ posted in Friends:
I'm not going to judge her, it was most likely her parents fault. Poor girl.
reply about 3 hours
AppleLover101 posted in Friends:
I actually do too but he knows me and talks to me everyday and i just want to be friends with him
reply about 4 hours
AlphaT posted in Friends:
Tell him, but not like "Hi, I like you" Ease it into a conversation, maybe with a joke?
reply about 4 hours
jordand08 posted in Friends:
Then tell him.
reply about 4 hours