Softball Rules

Softball has been around for nearly as long as baseball. The Kidzworld Coach has the 411 on the rules and history of softball. - Page 1 Back to Article

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ocalais147 wrote:
2012-08-22 17:03:50 -0700

Softball and Volleyball

NUNI2012 wrote:
2012-08-21 00:21:17 -0700

its fun

ToriIsMe♥ wrote:
2012-08-20 22:46:27 -0700


ToriIsMe♥ wrote:
2012-08-20 22:46:14 -0700

Softall (;

BrittanyWuvsYew wrote:
2012-08-20 21:20:48 -0700

I love softball

SierraSwag wrote:
2012-03-22 17:32:10 -0700

I have been playing for many, many years.. I have been the MVP for 2 years in a row! I am the
pitch && all the rest!

LimeHeart wrote:
2012-03-15 11:06:30 -0700

i love softball I have been playing for a long time.

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Which Is Better - Baseball or Softball?

  • I like softball better.
  • Baseball is the best.
  • I like them both the same.
  • I hate baseball and softball!

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