Duel Masters: Rampage of the Super Warriors Sneak Peek 2!

More previews of the huge monsters in the Duel Masters: Rampage of the Super Warriors card set in August! Back to Article

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Fave Duel Masters Game?

  • I like the original cards best.
  • The Evo Crushinators of doom cards rocked.
  • Rampage of the Super Warriors cards are awesome.
  • Cards schmards, I'd rather play the video games!

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lovinit posted in Forum Games:
Annapolis btw we already did korea
reply about 16 hours
o.O A tiger w/ a broken leg.  Would you rather survive on food or water?
reply about 19 hours
Jungle for 24 hours. At war, would you rather be a tiger with a broken leg, or a kitten with a machine gun?
reply about 19 hours
Would you rather spend 24 hours in a jungle, or 12 hours in a lion enclosure?
reply about 19 hours
i would rather have takis
reply about 19 hours