Cool Backpacks for 2004

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mrsjustinbieber123 wrote:
2011-08-19 18:30:01 -0700

c to the u to the t.e

boeboe009 wrote:
2011-08-19 16:44:54 -0700

I Go To Aeropostale Andd Use Those Bags As Backpacks Lol.

peacelovesoccer11 wrote:
2011-08-19 16:11:42 -0700

i use a pocketbook no backpack! lol

-AnywhereButHere♥ wrote:
2011-08-19 16:11:34 -0700

I hate when your teachers give you tons of homework and then your backpack is soooo freakin heavy!Dx

Cole90210 wrote:
2011-08-19 16:10:12 -0700

All there is in my backpack are my crushed up up homework Big Grin

blinkie wrote:
2011-08-19 16:00:03 -0700

i think its cute.

-Kutii- wrote:
2011-08-19 15:50:53 -0700

Has anyone seen Destination 5?

Crazy4Bieber wrote:
2011-08-19 15:49:55 -0700

Wow This Is Old!!! LoL!

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What's in Your Backpack?

  • Skateboard, skate mags and skate helmet.
  • Game cards and a Gameboy.
  • Last week's moldy lunch and my pet frog.
  • Mini Me.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Sometimes we get along all happily. Other times, conversations end with door slamming and yelling. Whenever I try to tell her that we need to work on this, she just says I'm being dramatic. It seems like one second we're laughing, then next we're fighting. She's 20, so the age difference is one of the problems. I really want to reconnect with my sister, but I don't know how. Help!
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sparkly_chick posted in Style:
Ugh. Usually on Wednesdays, I have a cherry coke t-shirt with some Jean shorts. That t-shirt got RIPPED. D: Anyways I can barely make it through the week. I have a closet full of clothes, but there's only about 8 t-shirts that are nice looking. Hopefully soon there'll be a new clothes store, and soon I'll start wearing my winter clothes, but I need help for the PRESENT. Any ideas?
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I would say just talk to the guy an ask him, but I know you would be scared. But anyway, just take it slow. Talk to the guy, an try to be friends with him. If he shows any signs of him liking you.. For example: He likes looking at you, tries to make you laugh, or likes being around you.. then that's mostly a sign.
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Charulata posted in Style:
A small earring :) Nothing else in my body :p :D♥
reply 1 day
bernese7 posted in Style:
how can i lighten my hair color without dying it?????????
reply 2 days