Barbie Fashion Show: PC Game Review

Become a trendy fashion designer and help Barbie get ready for Fashion Week in Paris. Have fun creating the fashion show of your dreams! Back to Article

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princess rabee
princess rabee wrote:
2013-01-02 03:35:48 -0800


coolnam wrote:
2013-01-02 03:31:38 -0800

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How Do You Feel About Barbie Dumping Ken?

  • Great! Her new Aussie boyfriend, Blaine, can teach her how to surf!
  • Nice move, but she should have stayed single for a while!
  • Bad move! Ken is the love of her life!

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AlphaT posted in Forum Games:
I kidnap Charles Xavier and hypnotise him to do it for me.  beat Usain Bolt in a race. 
reply about 1 hour
I am teacher, I'M ALWAYS CORRECT! :D  Use your mind to make you a chicken smoothie. :D (EASY! no, I mean like using your mind to move the ingredients and use the blender....)
reply about 2 hours
TWD. I'm down an episode though. :mad
reply about 4 hours
Depends. For story, probably The Walking Dead. For single player gameplay then probably Skyrim. For multiplayer gameplay, Lego Marvel Superheroes. Yeah I know the last one was aimed at a younger audience but I liked the open-world gameplay and the fact that players could fly around to wherever the hell they wanted, playing as whatever character they wanted to be and they had a choice of whether to stick together or not.
reply about 9 hours
reply about 12 hours