Casting Call - America's Most Embarrassing Parents

If your 'rents make you cringe with shame, then get out your video camera - ABC is looking for embarrassing parents! Back to Article

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Singermms wrote:
2012-12-10 16:29:27 -0800

That's funny!

Gingerkissx wrote:
2012-12-10 16:28:16 -0800

my parents are awesome.

ice cream girl
ice cream girl wrote:
2012-12-10 16:26:00 -0800

I LOVE MY P;;ARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

cutiebear617 wrote:
2012-10-06 07:04:38 -0700

thats cool

crazygirl1233 wrote:
2012-10-05 15:59:59 -0700

my mom is so embarrassing

blossomqueen77 wrote:
2012-05-19 20:37:00 -0700

mine is EVERYDAY!!! Annoyed

raishala wrote:
2011-10-04 14:38:35 -0700

my mom will ont try me sorry lol smile

cr2diva101 wrote:
2011-06-16 07:40:36 -0700

I was walking with my BF, Jake one day, well, he doesn`t know I like him, and my mom drove up and said "Hey SugarPlum, want a ride? Oh, look, it`s that boy you`ve been crushing on, Jake! My daugther is SO OBSESSED WITH YOU! She has posters of you all over her wall!" And Jake walked away and started laughing his guts off! :,(

spongeg123 wrote:
2011-05-08 08:32:48 -0700

mine was at the cinco de mayo dance my mom picked me up n totally embarssed me in front of the guy i was danceing with she tackled me n kissed me n said luv yur mother n hugged me tight as we were about to leave she turned on the car light n said luv yur mother out loud i was totally embarrassed

lavara wrote:
2011-05-08 08:17:10 -0700

My mom is sooo embarrissing but i LOVE her 2 death Big Grin

blarney2001 wrote:
2011-03-02 06:47:57 -0800

is that a show 4 venting about your parents? Confused

jillybean2399 wrote:
2011-02-09 10:05:03 -0800

is this show like the new afv?

Laurentastic 37
Laurentastic 37 wrote:
2011-02-05 07:19:57 -0800

I love my mom and dada but they can get embarrising Blush

babygirl2345 wrote:
2010-11-17 05:39:03 -0800

why are you r parents not cool

Ashaly12 wrote:
2010-11-05 11:24:04 -0700

My parents r not cool

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Most Embarassing Moment With the 'Rents?

  • They kissed me in front of my friends at school.
  • They showed my BF/GF my naked baby pics.
  • They had my name announced on the PA system in Wal-Mart.
  • My 'rents aren't that embarrassing.

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ok so i have this friend but she is mean to other girls and she does not like it if i am friends with other girls. i have been friends with her since third grade. and every one has some goodness in them. i just don't know what to do please help
reply about 2 hours
InternetOwl posted in Friends:
Well, I hope you're not friends with her whilst she's doing that.  You should confront her about it, tell her how's she's been acting and how you hate it. If it comes down to it tell an adult or someone you trust and see if they can help you. If it never gets better you should try moving on and ignoring her. It's not the best advice, but there's not a lot you can do.
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