Disney's Mulan and Aladdin DVD Reviews

Two of your fave Disney movies are finally on DVD. You can now find two-disc special editions of both Mulan and Aladdin! Back to Article

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disney princess
disney princess wrote:
2013-11-28 08:26:14 -0800

nah, nah! Alladin won't cheat like that! Anyways, Mulan has already got Shang

disney princess
disney princess wrote:
2013-11-10 07:44:23 -0800

good, i got a Mulan special DVD+ Blu ray pack of the 15th anniversary

pricetag wrote:
2013-08-01 16:28:06 -0700

I loved Mulan so much!!!

jfoxpoint wrote:
2013-03-11 17:26:40 -0700

I wonder what would happen if Alladin started cheating Jasmine with Mulan.

disney princess
disney princess wrote:
2013-02-18 22:18:58 -0800

I love movie Mulan!!!!!!!

Help Me I'm Falling!
Help Me I'm Falling! wrote:
2012-04-06 21:43:26 -0700

I love these movies, especially Aladdin!

Persefinie wrote:
2011-10-05 13:23:56 -0700

l luv these movies!

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Fave Disney Hero?

  • Mulan.
  • Simba.
  • Pinocchio.
  • Peter Pan.

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champion466 posted in Movies:
Omg, my friend lent me The Fault In Our Stars dvd and it was literally the best movie I have ever seen, I was a bit scared to watch it because I don't really like sad movies but it was just amazing and a sort of happy sad if you know what I mean like not happy but like i don't know just not depressing sad
reply about 9 hours
The Last Airbender by far.
reply about 10 hours
hasti10 posted in TV Shows:
Both are cool but I like  avatar last airbender more.    
reply about 10 hours
My favorite tv shows are Phineas and Ferb. American Idol, The Voice Philippines :)
reply about 19 hours
Anthani3 posted in Celebs:
I'd slap all just for being celebs then go back and say sorry to those I like
reply about 22 hours