Quiz the Coach - How To Play Linebacker?

I'm going out for linebacker on my school football team. Could you tell me more about the linebacker position? Back to Article

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Best Defensive Player In The NFL? Vote!

  • Ray Lewis.
  • Brian Urlacher.
  • Shawne Merriman.
  • Troy Polamalu.

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Guys should be able to do cheer without being bullied. Some of my best guy friends cheer with me and it just makes the whole experience that much better. Other guys should be jealous because they don't get to help girls stretch or lift them up 20 ft into the air hahaha
reply about 5 hours
reply about 11 hours
"Kayl72" wrote:Manchester Utd is way better, in my opinion. have you seen how bad they played this year? look at my comment above. Even Everton are above Man United XD
reply about 11 hours
I love to play soccer/football. I play practically every day. I also like other sports besides soccer, but it is my favorite.
reply about 11 hours
Love it. In fact, i am in team now, getting ready for tournament
reply about 11 hours