Herbal Cold Remedies

Move over vitamin C and make way for herbal remedies like echinacea, which boosts your immune system to help fight colds and flu. Back to Article

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karac911 wrote:
2014-08-19 11:39:47 -0700


Angel119 wrote:
2014-03-30 23:46:31 -0700

This is 1 thing that I'm going to definitely use this when i have a cold. Big Grin

gummibearzrule wrote:
2014-03-28 14:43:54 -0700

I have a cold right now ._.

mischiefmanaged wrote:
2014-01-16 14:21:18 -0800

This will sure help during flu season!!!

hebaalshraidah wrote:
2014-01-16 10:39:56 -0800

hi cutemoo2

--Amy-Rose--Silver-Wolf-- wrote:
2014-01-15 18:52:38 -0800

i usually get a cold every year around december, i just stay inside, dont move much, drink alot of juice and soda, and eat chicken soup once day for 2 days and y cold is gone.

samysteav_2458462 wrote:
2013-05-03 05:23:50 -0700

Glad to have on this article, I know about some herbal remedies. I learn on Chronic Diseases treatment at our school...

MikeAndreson_2436476 wrote:
2013-04-05 08:09:57 -0700

Herbal remedies are always been my first choice, though it is herbal medicines, herbal tea or anything else. The herbal juice and products has no side effects on body and it shows definite effect on body and all other diseases. legal buds

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Do Herbal Remedies Work?

  • Yes, herbs are miracle drugs.
  • They have no effect whatsoever - stick with vitamin C.
  • I'm not sure since I've never used them.

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