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No one does deep, dark and dangerous quite like David Boreanaz - and no one has ever made the "undead" so appealing. So where did this hottie come from? No, not Sunnydale - Philidelphia. Back to Article

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Bubblez_999 wrote:
2012-07-09 11:37:51 -0700

no better then spike tho Big Grin

Bubblez_999 wrote:
2012-07-09 11:37:40 -0700


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Who do You Like Better?

  • Angel - he's funny and good and sweet.
  • Angelus - he's evil, but he's got spunk.
  • Neither - Angel is too depressing and Angelus is scary!
  • Both - David is great evil and good.

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-Karpov- posted in Movies:
Hard to say, probably Army of Darkness or Airplane. 
reply about 8 hours
heyitsangel posted in Movies:
"Evieex" wrote:Bridesmaids   yes that movie is funny so.. yeah me too for this movie   :D
reply about 8 hours
heyitsangel posted in TV Shows:
I love the old disney shows and movies and i love the new disney  :)
reply about 8 hours
angelessweet posted in TV Shows:
ikr old shows taught life lessons and how to deal with them and now new shows just try to make people laugh and stuff when the stuff they say aren't even funny
reply about 9 hours
-Skyfall- posted in Celebs:
Vic Fuentes
reply about 10 hours