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No one does deep, dark and dangerous quite like David Boreanaz - and no one has ever made the "undead" so appealing. So where did this hottie come from? No, not Sunnydale - Philidelphia. Back to Article

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Bubblez_999 wrote:
2012-07-09 11:37:51 -0700

no better then spike tho Big Grin

Bubblez_999 wrote:
2012-07-09 11:37:40 -0700


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Who do You Like Better?

  • Angel - he's funny and good and sweet.
  • Angelus - he's evil, but he's got spunk.
  • Neither - Angel is too depressing and Angelus is scary!
  • Both - David is great evil and good.

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reply about 2 hours
Nice joke.. :D
reply about 3 hours
penguinlover10 posted in Celebs:
I like the old miley cyrus :)
reply about 10 hours
the name of the  horse is friday  :) :o)
reply about 12 hours