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Are you looking to turn over a new leaf with the start of the school year? Find out how to organize your clothes, shoes and everything else lying around the floor to make yourbedroom clutter-free! Back to Article

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miz-wolf1 wrote:
2014-04-24 14:52:15 -0700

I can't find ANYTHING in my room...or as my mother likes to say pig sty

SpaceKitty14 wrote:
2013-08-14 14:20:01 -0700

Wow thats amazing 2 me

SpaceKitty14 wrote:
2013-08-14 14:18:48 -0700

My room needs help- oh was that another tornado that hit while I was on the phone??? Or was that me?

epic2011 wrote:
2012-04-18 13:04:28 -0700

My room is cluttered.....but that's the way I like it.

quandra*bhadd_2021551 wrote:
2012-03-13 14:29:22 -0700

Uqqh Imm Never Cluttered

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How Clean is Your Room?

  • Spotless - Mr. Clean is my best friend.
  • It gets messy once in awhile, but it's usually pretty clean.
  • My room looks like a tornado hit it!
  • I share with my lil bro, who's a messy brat.

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