Dear Dish-It, I Don't Know What to Do!

I like this kid and have been pursuing him for a while but he doesn't really want a relationship with me 'til summer. Back to Article

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mindless roc royal13
mindless roc royal13 wrote:
2011-06-03 10:31:59 -0700


jadensmithlover123 wrote:
2011-06-03 10:31:50 -0700

just relax the day will come and he will ask u im sure ur very pretty so it will happen i mean u dnt wanna frighten him away by buggin him and nagging him so just chill and wait

jadensmithlover123 wrote:
2011-06-03 10:30:37 -0700


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Ever Had to Choose Between Two People?

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  • I've never dated anyone before.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

lawliet16 posted in Friends:
You need to clear things up with your best friend, and express to her what you feel because friendship requires open communication for it to last. Likewise, you should also take into consideration that not because she`s your best friend and she knows that you like this guy, she`s not allowed to be friends and eventually have a romantic relationship with this guy. Love does not follow a first come first serve basis, that`s reality.  Now, if you really love or like that person then you should be happy for him. True love means putting someone else`s happiness before your own EVEN IF you`re not part of that happiness. There`s a reason for everything, someday this will all make sense. :)
reply 10 minutes
noordinarygirl posted in Style:
"rebelfeminist" wrote:I would suggest just asking. The worst she can do is say no. Also, if your eyebrows are already fine as is and not bushy or all over the place, you may not even need to. Don't do something just because everyone else does.
reply about 7 hours
rebelfeminist posted in Style:
I would suggest just asking. The worst she can do is say no.
reply about 7 hours
Hey love , I do the exact same thing as you , you aren't alone... if you ever need anyone , I am here , okay? 
reply about 10 hours
Talk to someone, anyone you trust.
reply about 11 hours