Dear Dish-It, I Don't Know What to Do!

I like this kid and have been pursuing him for a while but he doesn't really want a relationship with me 'til summer. Back to Article

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mindless roc royal13
mindless roc royal13 wrote:
2011-06-03 10:31:59 -0700


jadensmithlover123 wrote:
2011-06-03 10:31:50 -0700

just relax the day will come and he will ask u im sure ur very pretty so it will happen i mean u dnt wanna frighten him away by buggin him and nagging him so just chill and wait

jadensmithlover123 wrote:
2011-06-03 10:30:37 -0700


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Ever Had to Choose Between Two People?

  • Yeah, I've had to decide bewteen two people to date.
  • No. I've only ever dated one person.
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Dear Dish-It in the forums

hugebear posted in Family Issues:
Im sorry for saying this but your Dads the adult. He knows what hes doing. Hopefully he will get through this phase fast.  Talk to him if you can and tell him how its upsetting you. But its not that serious unless he smokes for the long period of time and then theres the chance of getting cancer. 
reply 39 minutes
laura562 posted in Family Issues:
You should tell an adult you trust. This is very important and you should not keep it to yourself
reply about 1 hour
I asked why , he said it's relaxing. I ca
reply about 2 hours
Just ask your dad about it...
reply about 2 hours
When I was little my dad used to smoke but he quit. Then a few months ago I found  a lighter in my dad coat. He said my uncle has asked my dad to carry it and had forgot to get it back i believed him. But  i have seen him smoke and I don't know what to do. If I tell my mum they might get a divorce because she wouldn't put up with it. I'm so mad at him I'm not going to speak to him. What do I do ? Should I tell my mum ? Should  I tell my sister ?
reply about 2 hours