Loving the Skin You're In

Look up and down and all around. What do you notice the most about your skin? Is it the color, the texture or the clothes covering it? More importantly: Are you comfortable in it? Back to Article

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xXTyIsMineXx wrote:
2014-06-21 18:20:12 -0700

Very nice article. Thumbs up!

kimora34 wrote:
2014-06-21 09:36:18 -0700

OMG really that is interesting stuff to read about!!!!!!!

arosha wrote:
2014-06-21 08:14:34 -0700

nice article

dejanae13 wrote:
2014-06-14 08:45:14 -0700

it tells u what u need to no

Brittneeey wrote:
2013-11-29 19:23:01 -0800

This article is really interesting !

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What Do You Like Best About Yourself?

  • I've got great hair.
  • I like my eyes.
  • I have a big ol' smile.
  • Too many things to list - I ROCK!

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