Make Your School Cafeteria Healthy

If you're dreading the thought of eating the junk in your school cafeteria, then check out these ideas for a healthier menu! Back to Article

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Prophey wrote:
2013-08-05 05:11:49 -0700

im hungry now..... after reading this

cuteaaisha wrote:
2013-08-05 03:26:01 -0700

i always eat pizza at school.......

justinplz wrote:
2013-08-04 17:45:27 -0700

At my school the best thing we have is loaded baked potatoes and pizza but the loaded baked potatoes have chicken not beef

DreamChild wrote:
2013-04-24 00:45:30 -0700

I normally dont eat our school lunch. The most 4 popular meat entrees are pizza, Hamburgers, Chicken Nuggets and Tacos.

real4life14 wrote:
2012-09-01 18:31:57 -0700

Last year at school all we ate was pizza with ranch. Not healthy

real4life14 wrote:
2012-09-01 18:31:43 -0700

Last year at school all we ate was pizza with ranch. Not healthy

Kenya weezzy baby
Kenya weezzy baby wrote:
2012-07-20 14:54:38 -0700

I think my school should get pizza and burgers and fries

raerae bodge
raerae bodge wrote:
2012-07-09 14:37:00 -0700

a tooth sam peep got extra gravy

Hannah The Awesome
Hannah The Awesome wrote:
2012-01-29 07:56:44 -0800

My friend found a tooth in her mashed potatoes one year.

basketballlover714 wrote:
2012-01-28 20:55:52 -0800

Our hot ham has some green spots and by the time we get it (5th grade) it is cold

bubblez#1 wrote:
2011-11-06 06:38:42 -0800

Wow that's just gross if u find something in your Food

bizarlov wrote:
2011-11-03 16:13:14 -0700

some of the food in my middle school is ok but some of the food had grease gross

supragirl77 wrote:
2011-08-21 11:25:20 -0700

One time we found mold on a chicken sandwich

girlsrocksomuch wrote:
2011-08-05 16:02:42 -0700

its gross

hey its lexi
hey its lexi wrote:
2011-08-05 16:00:36 -0700

my cafe food is great

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Grossest Cafeteria Food?

  • Sloppy joes.
  • Rice pudding.
  • Fish sticks.
  • Strained peas.

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