Sleeping Habits 101

Next time you're playing Wii into the wee hours of the night and your mom tells you to hit the sack, just do it! Read on to find out why sleep is so important for your health. Back to Article

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Ayeitstaylor wrote:
2014-02-01 08:15:51 -0800

I usually stay up until 2 am...but this is pretty interesting and convincing

Micky_F00 wrote:
2014-02-01 08:14:06 -0800

Everyone! Read about Lucid Dreaming!, type it into google

JennyD wrote:
2013-07-15 09:52:11 -0700


bettyrose wrote:
2013-06-15 12:56:45 -0700

why sleep during school, u can stay up late but get some sleep the next night instead of in class

UntoldPerfection;- wrote:
2013-06-14 20:37:13 -0700

I definitely do not get enough of sleep.

UntoldPerfection;- wrote:
2013-06-14 20:36:33 -0700

I definitely do not get enough of sleep.

Gingerkissx wrote:
2013-06-14 20:01:14 -0700

I'm doing a speech on sleep deprivation. I don't really think a lot of teens get enough sleep, I definitely don't.

peppypepsi wrote:
2013-06-14 19:59:31 -0700

I stay up late during school days and take a nap during geometry. O_o

vivianha102 wrote:
2013-06-03 19:50:16 -0700

Once I slept from 8:00 P.M - 9:00 A.M.
I was soooo tired. Thank goodness it was a week-end. Asleep

Christette wrote:
2013-02-24 15:39:36 -0800


primrose88 wrote:
2013-02-24 14:55:20 -0800

I like to sleep it's enjoyable

Tyonnia wrote:
2013-02-24 10:57:11 -0800

as lon as i dont miss anything while am sleep ill sleep as long as i can!!

brunostar wrote:
2013-02-24 10:55:28 -0800

i hate sleep o.o

Mckalee wrote:
2013-02-23 18:39:08 -0800

i barely take naps and i somtime stay up all night and arent tried at all the next day

to_good_4_u wrote:
2013-01-27 16:23:00 -0800

what if u dont need sleep i am the only documented case on earth of someone that can go forever without sleep i can go 2 weeks without sleeping and not look tired in the morning but i get really hyper so i cant go forever if i do i would die so this doesnt help for me cuz like there is no name for a sleeping disorder exactly cuz i am the only one with it so no help at all but yea so you might want to make one on someone with a sleeping disorder dat would be good but i am only 1 who has it so ya

marcelinethevampire wrote:
2013-01-05 19:38:43 -0800

it works XD

SashaFierce178 wrote:
2013-01-04 16:08:24 -0800

I barely take naps. I only go to sleep at night. Sometimes I stay up until 3:00 in the morning and at 3:30 I go to sleep.

izzy09 wrote:
2012-12-29 22:52:48 -0800

i know how to sleep kw -_-

bubblegumluv712 wrote:
2012-11-20 03:53:18 -0800

@ RayWar: nobody cares!

shrek world
shrek world wrote:
2011-06-29 08:04:19 -0700

well i go to sleep when i want and i still get up on time so also i will do wat it said for one nite

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How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Get?

  • About 9 hours.
  • Less than 9 hours.
  • More than 9 hours.
  • It differs every night.

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