Kidzworld's Top 10 Video Games of 2005!

Just in time for Christmas and Boxing Day sales, we have the Top 10 video games of 2005. Check out Gary's pics here! Back to Article

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Have you Been Naughty or Nice in 2005?

  • I've been really nice, I'll get lots of cool presents.
  • I've been a bit naughty, but only a little!
  • I've been really naughty, I'm probably getting coal for Christmas.

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Games in the forums

Taidoku posted in Forum Games:
I - Indonesia
reply 19 minutes
hugebear posted in Forum Games:
g - Germany
reply 22 minutes
because mommy wants to steal the squirrels tails. Daddy, why is mommy, eating a armadillo ?
reply 33 minutes
my mom and dad and my sisters
reply about 1 hour
hugebear posted in Forum Games:
breathing [I was gonna say air but its already said] :p
reply about 1 hour