From First Look to First Kiss

All of a sudden, that goofy kid you played tag with has turned into a hottie. It's confusing. Your face gets hot and words just don't come out right. It's called a crush - here's how to deal... Back to Article

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SecretAdmirer wrote:
2014-09-02 12:29:38 -0700

I wanna have my first kiss with a boy called Miraj Love

amethystdances wrote:
2014-09-01 13:49:53 -0700

I never, ever kissed a boy, except a relative's cheek! But there have been a few boys who I got close to but then got hurt by. * sighs * I think I've been raising my shields lately.

eric23 wrote:
2014-09-01 13:35:20 -0700

i had mine in 4 th grade and i was soo scared but it turned out i was good at it so just close ur eyes and just do it

xBrandonx wrote:
2014-02-03 05:25:11 -0800

I know Im in love when I see her beautiful smile...

eleeshacandy wrote:
2014-01-13 14:05:49 -0800

I had my first kiss it was awesome! lol

JennyD wrote:
2013-10-30 07:15:05 -0700

I don't but not sure if I have one

jennysplash wrote:
2013-10-10 22:34:13 -0700

is it bad i had my first kiss in grade 3? my elementary school pretends its a highschool, and i have 2 exes, and neither of them remember we dated...and then i can't decide who i'm crushing on! and both of them might like me back.

Tamia2013 wrote:
2013-08-01 13:47:31 -0700

I feel like I wanna kiss my crush sooo bad

JennyD wrote:
2013-07-30 14:07:03 -0700

Haven't had mine either but no worries

Mari Baby
Mari Baby wrote:
2013-07-30 13:42:06 -0700

first kisses are ....scary but good

The Lead Wizzle
The Lead Wizzle wrote:
2013-07-30 13:30:13 -0700

nop, still haven't found the right girl.

YingYang679 wrote:
2013-07-30 13:28:28 -0700

Big Grin just smiled because.....k bye

XX_PrettyGurlSwag_XX wrote:
2013-07-30 13:22:58 -0700

i havent had my first kiss yet

AzainMe wrote:
2013-07-30 13:22:26 -0700


Jcool18 wrote:
2013-07-30 13:21:16 -0700

i had my first kiss

candyapple wrote:
2013-07-30 13:14:13 -0700

I've had this once

anishaxxx wrote:
2013-06-17 13:52:23 -0700

Cool lve already have my first kiss

Angelface45 wrote:
2013-04-06 20:29:48 -0700

gud advice

urulc wrote:
2013-03-22 14:22:37 -0700


RainbowRockstar wrote:
2013-03-15 07:35:30 -0700

I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding day Love

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How Do You Know You're Crushing?

  • I daydream about the person 24/7.
  • I feel like I'm gonna puke.
  • I blush big-time!
  • All of the above - and so much more.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

ImmortalWhisper posted in Style:
Well it depends on the shape of your face. I feel that those with somewhat longer faces and high cheekbone structures look best with a boycut, those with a heart shaped face and don't have too much of a baby face, I feel that a hair cut that is somewhat like a bob, whereas your hair ends at your jawline would look best as you have soft and somewhat messy curls. As for if you have a baby face I feel that long hair would be more suitable for you. Anyway that's my opinon.
reply 23 minutes
Team Audi #46
Team Audi #46 posted in Friends:
Kid at my school nicknamed "Blueberry". Hated by all the Seniors at the school and the teachers can hardly stand him. If I were to go through everything he's done, I'd be writing a short story. Let's just say, he should have gotten expelled Freshman year. And all the years after that.
reply about 11 hours
PrincessAmelia posted in Friends:
Three mean girls at school...I JUST DON'T LIKE THEM. They bunk the classes and never get scolded and they act(ed) very mean to me and  one of my 3 bffs.  They are just OVER SMART and ever they sometimes wish to talk above the teacher. Then comes the Boys. There are 3 boys you know, who are a part of the gang of these mean girls. These boys are also so mean. I ask you, am I untouchable? Whenever I go past their bags, they say, 'hey what are you doing' or something like that... At least they are better in front of the teachers...unlike *SOME* people I could mention. But in spite of all these I really do like them all as friends and I am a pretty good forgetter, so I soon forget whatever they said to me. So, I think there is no one I HATE, practically. 
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youngluni4ever posted in Friends:
Ok so in my highschool there is only one pure ginger. His name is Sean.... I believe that's how you spell his name. Will this ginger is impossible to deal with. When I'm talking to my friends he butts In thinking he's part of the conversation, but he isn't. So when I decides to try and butt in, I automatically scold him. And I know it seems mean but when someone annoys you to the limit you sort of go Insane ya know? So everytime he gets near me I walk away before he can even open his mouth to talk. I know y'all probably think he isn't bad, but he said himself that he was going to grow up to be a killer and ######. He said it himself and not in a sarcastic tone. Nobody in my school can deal with him. The teachers can't either. But I want to know, do any of you have someone you truly dislike at school?
reply about 11 hours
jordand08 posted in Friends:
"iamastar" wrote:i like this guy called brandon rumball he's really cute we are total opposites he's tall and i am short he is smart i am not so smart he is the best swimmer and i am the second worst and i really like  him i trying to forget about him but he's just poping back in my head i neeed help First off, for his safety don't tell his last name. And opposites attract. Sometimes. :p Maybe you get get him to help you become a better swimmer, even though here, it's cold.  
reply about 12 hours