Protecting the Ecosystem or Animal Cruelty

Is hunting to control the population of animals OK or is it just animal cruelty? Here are some animals that are hunted in North America and around the world. Check it out before you make up your mind! Back to Article

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AliceStar123 wrote:
2013-06-08 00:22:23 -0700

even though they feel like they are protecting, they are still cruel to me. if you want to stop over population, make a law that like every alternate year, all families who have pets should neuter at least one of their pets. Frown

princessa911 wrote:
2012-10-03 16:36:40 -0700

i think this si right to stop and watch the cruelty thats going on with animals

designer_me555 wrote:
2012-04-14 18:22:54 -0700

The europeans over hunted European beavers,therefore: animal abusers and hunters are stupid europeans who don't think straight!!!

mon135 wrote:
2012-04-14 11:17:12 -0700

This is actually protecting the ecosystem. I am an animal lover, too, but I am also an earth protecter. This helps control overpopulation.

XD P3ACE wrote:
2012-02-28 18:07:13 -0800

alright hunting keeps the population undercontrolled but alot of ppl 'over hunt' so some animals kinda get endangered ok ABUSING ANIMALS really pplz y let the animals suffer i mean wat did they ever did to u??? EXACTLY ppl who abuse animals are MESSEED UP

RozenMaiden(: wrote:
2011-12-11 19:50:13 -0800

It's simple.... I haaaaate anyone that abuses animals, if i see an abuser I'll go ninja on them O.o

Young Flame
Young Flame wrote:
2011-08-27 10:33:05 -0700

I wonder who the four people are who disliked this...

MayaHes wrote:
2011-08-26 11:42:17 -0700

ive got 2 rescue dogs,2 other dogs and my 2
rescue cats...i luv animals!

MASTER RENE $$$ wrote:
2011-08-26 11:38:56 -0700

really wish i had a dog

smilezonthemove2 wrote:
2011-08-26 11:36:53 -0700

my dog is a rescue!!and i would kill myself for any kind of animal to live

bumblebee1000 wrote:
2011-08-26 11:34:30 -0700

i love all animals even the mean ones

NinaNina wrote:
2011-08-26 11:33:40 -0700

iLove Animals . They Are So Cute !!!

HannahTheMashMellow(: wrote:
2011-08-26 11:32:19 -0700

I've worn fur but it was fakee . . .

MrGamerMan1324 wrote:
2011-06-01 21:45:48 -0700

Killing animals for over population is the most sickening thing I have heard in my life! I have enough problems with putting an animal down that is old but just killing perfectly healthy animals? The "humane" society is not humane. Killing animals because no one adopts them and they are overpopluating? How about building more shelters? This is just sickening I want to kill some ugly people just because they are ugly and humans are overpopulated and see how they like it.

Abby163 wrote:
2011-05-17 12:02:31 -0700

so if u don't care, then u might as well die, cause animals produce food for us. so u might as well just DIE! Sad

Abby163 wrote:
2011-05-17 12:00:33 -0700

and i really, REALLY love animals, so please help all the animals in the world. don't hurt them, help them... god had created them for us to love them! Sad

Abby163 wrote:
2011-05-17 11:57:59 -0700

animal cruelty is just horrible very horrible,i mean really who would want to see a dog or any other animal get hurt or even DIE! please if u love animals then please help these poor animals. God created them so we could love them not hate them and kill them! Sad

~sporty*gal*12~ wrote:
2011-05-15 11:18:46 -0700

i dont like animal cruelty and if a dog was ina an animal shelter and bout to b killed i would save its lifw and adopt it i think it is wrong to just kill it

Jayfeather1999 wrote:
2011-04-16 13:18:59 -0700

When i'm an adult i'm gonna get an adult dog and a puppy so then the puppy can learn from the older one!

loverpets wrote:
2011-04-07 09:32:05 -0700

I hate animal cruetly i think it is horrble it is one of the worst thing that a human can do !!!

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