My Super Sweet 16 TV Show Facts

From pretty-in-pink to Moulin Rouge themes, MTV chronicles some of the craziest Sweet 16 parties ever thrown. Back to Article

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bizarlov wrote:
2011-08-07 16:17:47 -0700

when i hav a sweet 16 it is sooooo not going to be like that

Lubbydubbychica wrote:
2011-04-03 10:20:04 -0700

i cant wait till i hve my sweet 16 bash lol

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What Kind of Sweet 16 Party Will You Have?

  • A huge party with 100 of my closest friends.
  • A sleepover with my best buds.
  • A paintball party!
  • I'll probably just have dinner with my family.

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Starlifeee123 posted in Celebs:
Lol neither
reply about 3 hours
Wonderful787 posted in Celebs:
slap 4 ever :P till his face is black & blue
reply about 3 hours
shae508 posted in Latest Trends:
Ooohhh yeah I was talking about the song. It's not good for kids at all, which is why it shouldn't be on this site.
reply about 7 hours
oh the song!,thought ur taking about the dance,i was talking about the dance not the song cuz the song says the n word a lot another bad word but im talking about the dance not the song 
reply about 7 hours
shae508 posted in Latest Trends:
The fact that you're cussing me out proves that you're the sensitive one. not me :) I was just stating my opinion  . Now since you want to be a baby and curse when you get upset. Maybe you get off the forums and go back to listening your 'music'. Have a nice day. :)
reply about 8 hours