My Super Sweet 16 TV Show Facts

From pretty-in-pink to Moulin Rouge themes, MTV chronicles some of the craziest Sweet 16 parties ever thrown. Back to Article

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bizarlov wrote:
2011-08-07 16:17:47 -0700

when i hav a sweet 16 it is sooooo not going to be like that

Lubbydubbychica wrote:
2011-04-03 10:20:04 -0700

i cant wait till i hve my sweet 16 bash lol

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What Kind of Sweet 16 Party Will You Have?

  • A huge party with 100 of my closest friends.
  • A sleepover with my best buds.
  • A paintball party!
  • I'll probably just have dinner with my family.

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Tired lol
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"SekaiHeiwa" wrote:I absolutely HATE the cycle of new consoles and how today's kids have no respect for the older consoles before them. It goes like this:New console is released, people like it. Sales of old console still persists.Many games are released for said new console. People buy more of that new console, but games for the old console still arrive.More games for the new one, less games for the old one.The old console doesn't become popular anymore.Rinse and repeat.Who agrees? Well....... :( sorry... I like old consoles(well....some.....)  and new ones because they're like updates! Like the wii. Now theres a wii u! but still, its true, what you said!
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Tired of these fakes on KW 
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Ansel Elgort. I've seen The Fault in Our Stars twice already, and he's still adorable. Also, Nat Wolff and Logan Lerman.
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-Gwen42-- posted in Movies:
No, but I almost did!
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