Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park

Looking for things to keep you busy this summer? Have fun and stay cool at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. It's fun for the whole family! Back to Article

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CREEZ_1923282 wrote:
2011-10-24 11:59:58 -0700

The Drop Tower There Aint even scary lol

-Inside My Soul-
-Inside My Soul- wrote:
2011-06-20 16:16:35 -0700

oh awsome it seems cool!!!

random ninja xD
random ninja xD wrote:
2011-06-20 16:00:55 -0700

Ive Been There! Its Awesome! Ive Been To The Orlando One Too! smile

DemiLuva wrote:
2011-06-20 15:58:01 -0700

Aweshome, I'd Love To Go There! [:

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Have You Ever Been to Universal Studios?

  • Yeah, it's my fave theme park.
  • I've been to the one in Florida.
  • No, but I can't wait to go this summer.
  • I prefer to go to Disneyland.

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