That '70s Show - Jackie's Love Life

Jackie is one lucky girl with Kelso, Hyde and Fez competing for her love. Will Kelso ever get her back? Will Steven fight to be with her? Will Fez ever get the girl? Only time will tell... Back to Article

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funlover14 wrote:
2011-12-06 11:10:37 -0800

My favorite show, and Mila Kunis... My FAVORITE actress!!!!!!!!!

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Who Do You Want To Be Jackie's Man?

  • Kelso cuz he's a cutie and the love of her life.
  • Hyde cuz he's cool and he's got great hair.
  • Fez, he would treat her like a princess.
  • Donna's dad Bob cuz he's a babe. Not!

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mey-rin posted in TV Shows:
oh my gosh i have so many uh near from death note alois trancy and drossel keinz from black butler ginko from mushishi fuyuhiko kuzuryuu from super dangan ronpa 2  :love mmh thats all i can think of at the moment.. 
reply 9 minutes
oh, alright, halo at the ready! :angel
reply about 2 hours
Yeah, I especially hate the unnecessary undergarment shots; those are the worst.
reply about 4 hours
Dfire posted in TV Shows:
OMG I totally agree with you! Words straight out of my head
reply about 4 hours
It would probably have to be almost every single Disney show I've ever seen or anime that contains fanservice.
reply about 4 hours