Dear Dish-It, My Mom Embarrasses Me!

My mom is so embarrassing about puberty. Even when I got my first bra, she told the whole street! Please help me. Back to Article

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Disney_ wrote:
2014-08-08 18:00:03 -0700

Lmao well that sucks for you :'3

hutcherson92 wrote:
2013-10-21 10:01:48 -0700

I have that to baby cakes don't worry I've taken the advice you got back as well Wink

lovely2128 wrote:
2012-11-02 17:36:50 -0700

its like she dose it on perpous she fix my eye brows,my hair & my clothes Frown

JD2002 wrote:
2012-10-30 19:07:22 -0700

my mom is sos so sos fun

JD2002 wrote:
2012-10-30 19:06:32 -0700


MILAHLAH_2114879 wrote:
2012-10-30 08:42:43 -0700

i don't live with my mom so i don't have to worry

kaylajb11 wrote:
2012-10-30 08:26:42 -0700

my mom nevers embaress me thats good...

mishi2000 wrote:
2012-10-30 08:24:29 -0700

my parents never embarrass me =]..

cinile wrote:
2012-10-30 08:23:50 -0700

parents embarass me

cinile wrote:
2012-10-30 08:23:17 -0700

thanks for everything

mishi2000 wrote:
2012-10-30 07:24:56 -0700

thank god my mother never embarrasses me.. im 12..

stormskycassiegirl wrote:
2012-10-30 07:22:48 -0700

My mum sometimes does.that 2 me and it can be horrible!!

Abbey wrote:
2012-05-16 00:03:23 -0700

Im only 9 so.......I don't exactly hav it yet

Dream Girl 101
Dream Girl 101 wrote:
2012-05-15 09:45:14 -0700

My mom dont do that to me

TheRealKimJ wrote:
2012-03-27 08:38:40 -0700

My mom would never do that to me. [':

ObeyMySwaqq♥ wrote:
2012-03-27 04:46:08 -0700

My Mom Does That To Me In Front Of My Friend . );

crazyprincess! wrote:
2012-03-26 23:53:06 -0700

My mom too!! Gosh, in the mall, friend's home everywhere!! So i have stop going out with her!

LoveMe-HateMe234 wrote:
2012-03-26 21:02:13 -0700

2 moms is worse. My mom embarasses me in front of boys in the mall. She says it's her job. {She needs to get fired she is to good at it} LOL (:

trueblue13 wrote:
2012-03-26 20:46:45 -0700

U only have ONE mom

lil shaun1
lil shaun1 wrote:
2012-03-26 20:42:24 -0700

my mom embarrass me roun girls mostly especially my gf's she tell dem everything das why i dnt have dem tlk or be aroun her, only my dad

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What's Most Embarrasing?

  • Having super loud hiccups.
  • Farting in front of someone you like.
  • Having food stuck in your teeth.
  • Getting busted picking your nose.

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