Becoming a Veterinarian

Do you bring home stray dogs? Do you nurse birds with injured wings back to health? Sounds like you should be a veterinarian when you grow up! Back to Article

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crazygirl400 wrote:
2014-01-01 12:22:16 -0800


crazygirl400 wrote:
2014-01-01 12:21:32 -0800

me too smile

shae508 wrote:
2013-05-17 15:48:06 -0700

i wanna be a vet when i'm older. i not that good at math though so i probably have trouble doing it.

lizziehizziehatersrock wrote:
2013-04-21 11:38:12 -0700

i wanna be vet

snowgirl10 wrote:
2013-02-09 07:16:58 -0800

I ment puppies or kittens

snowgirl10 wrote:
2013-02-09 07:15:28 -0800

Love animals I fall in love every time I see a puppet kittens

GloopyGirl wrote:
2012-09-09 08:13:55 -0700

i luv animals too.... n being a vet is nice!!

mainmuffin wrote:
2012-05-29 12:34:30 -0700

I love all animals. (:

CrashYourParty wrote:
2012-05-29 12:27:22 -0700

i went to a vet school @ tx a&m

mainmuffin wrote:
2012-05-29 12:12:13 -0700

that's what I want to be. (:

Adison1 wrote:
2012-03-18 20:25:11 -0700

me to accept for cats i hate it when they scratch u smile

LoveMe-HateMe234 wrote:
2012-02-21 10:17:53 -0800

I wanna b a vet I love animals

Cree Lady_1622740
Cree Lady_1622740 wrote:
2012-02-21 10:05:11 -0800

I wanted to become a veterinarian. But I dindn't have good grades all the time. so now, I wanna become a Veterinarian Assitnant. (:

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Which Animals Do You Want to Work With?

  • Pets, like cats and dogs.
  • Zoo animals, like giraffes and monkeys.
  • Livestock, like pigs and cows.
  • Animals in sport, like horses.

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Le-Jack posted in Friends:
Thank you so much for all your answers :D i talked to max and we talked and we are back to normal and he even noticed that luna is bad news and he told her they can be freinds but no more cos she has a bf so he actually noticed that it was wrong what they did so im happy :D Thanks for your advice guys
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Charulata posted in Style:
Hey friends. These are nice company's. Which one you will vote between them? Choose one of them.. I choose Lakme :D Post your favorite company between these two. 
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ILMDGRL posted in Friends:
I think the title is fairly self explanatory. I don't know how to explain self harm scars and cuts to my friends (don't even get me started on my father) without having them completely freak out on me or think I'm a total basket case. I can't hide most the scars and cuts given their placement. I'd also like to know how to explain it to a friend's parent bc I know that will be a problem too. - (Note: I'm not insane. Just have been a tough time lately and I snapped under too much pressure. I'm not a danger to myself anymore. End of story.) - I don't like to go into detail when discussing my self harm and why I did it, but I know my friends are very inquisitive like their parents. I just want to know how to ride out the conversation and would appreciate any help in the matter. Thanks!
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smurfetblue posted in Friends:
i sorry to hear abou that, i get bullied also and i know how that feels when no one talk to you or helps you...hope things get better for you
reply about 16 hours
jordand08 posted in Friends:
"AlphaT" wrote:I have thought a lot on suicide...and people in my family have attempted to do so....And I can say with all certainty, it is stupid. But you're not in your right mind when you make that decision, or even think about it seriously.Bullying can lead to suicide, but I urge everyone thinking about it to also think of the good in their life. Exactly, because, I promise, life gets better. Even when it seems like it's not, it does, in the darkest part of your life, you'll find the hope that you lost. 
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