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I am going to talk about a game called Crash Team Racing for the Playstation. I like it because it has lots of obstacles. You can shoot rockets, play in battle mode and play multiplayer. Back to Article

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Which Crash Racers are These?

  • That's Crash and Cortex.
  • It's N-Gin and Coco.
  • That's Crunch and Crash.
  • It's Nina and Von Clutch.

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Boysrock50 posted in Forum Games:
I fell over the chair I was sitting on before :P So I saw the floor first
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C) Neither A) Unicorn B) Pegasus
reply about 6 hours
The counter I slammed into. -.-
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74 ^_^
reply about 8 hours
48. Took a loooooooot of practise.
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